Jun 5, 2009

Manabe Style


Manabe Style is one of the formation against 44 silver formation Bear-in-the-Hole.

The style name is derived from Manabe Kazuo (9 dan), who was a professional shogi player using the style regularly (Unfortunately he died in 2007).

The keys of Manabe Style are as follows:
  • Four Generals Mino, one of which silver is placed on 46. The mino castle is strong and extensive thanks to 4th file vanguard pawn.
  • Parry static rook's 8th file attack easily, and then attack from 5th file

Manabe style make the opponent right silver move to 33 (which leads very storng Bear-in-the-Hole) on purpose.
Instead, Manabe style is more extensive and strong on 4th and 5th file.
In middle-game, basically Manabe Style attacks from 5th file using promoted pawns.

Take a look at an example below:


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