May 21, 2009

What is Static Rook Bear-in-the-Hole?


Static Rook Bear-in-the-Hole (Ibisha Anaguma in Japanese) is the most terrible opening for all Ranging Rook players including Third File Rook players due to the solid castle.

Basically, Static Rook Bear-in-the-Hole has 2 formations, one is 44silver (Figure 1) and the other is 44pawn (Figure 2).

Figure 1 is one of the final form of 44silver formation Bear-in-the-Hole, which means that 2 golds are placed the nearest position from king (g31 and g32).

In case of 44pawn formation (Figure 2), basically there is g43 because of protecting 44 place.

44silver formation is solider than 44pawn formation because 2 golds are nearer from king, while 44pawn formation is quicker and easier to castle king.

So I will introduce some kind of Third File Rook VS Static Rook Bear-in-the-Hole tactics to you from next entry.


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