Jul 16, 2009

Mynavi Women's Open July 15, 2009


Yauchi (Queen) won the 3rd game of Queen title match and she defended the title.

Iwane selected thirdfilerook opening, and then she advanced the formation into Ishida-ryu.
She was just one step away from winning... , which means she missed mate on the endgame!

You can see detail commentary of the game on the sites below.

Jul 15, 2009

Actual Fight of Ishida-Ryu on July 14, 2009


Toyoshima (5dan) used Ishida-Ryu at the tournament finals in Ryuo-sen yesterday, and he won.
Take a look at the game record below.
You can also see the record on the Ryuo-sen site (Unfortunately This site is in Japanese).

Jul 8, 2009

Classic Ishida-Ryu


Let me introduce "Ishida-Ryu" from this entry.

At first, I introduce "Classic Ishida-Ryu". This name is not official, but given by myself.

Classic Ishida-Ryu is one of the Ishida-ryu formation which Bishop is on 9g (Figure 1).
This Ishida-ryu is used since early times.
The formation is well-balanced defence and offence, and therefore beautiful.

However, Classic Ishida-Ryu is not often used in recent years.
The reasons are as follows:

1. Rook Pawn
Static Rook tend to move Rook Pawn to 8e instantly (Figure 2), which makes third file rook move B-7g compulsory.

2. Climbing Gold
There is a overwhelming odds for classic Ishida-Ryu, that is "Boukin" (Climbing Gold. I will introduce this tactics in future entry). If Ishida-Ryu moves Bishop to 9g too early, Static Rook aims Climbing Gold. So Ishida ryu had better keep Bishop on 8h until Static Rook shows his tactics - Climbing Gold or slow game. If Static Rook move right Gold to 5b or 5a that means slow game (such as Bear-in-the-Hole), then you can move Bishop to 9g.

3. Tough Fight against Static Rook's Slow game
Unfortunately, the winning percentage of Classic Ishida-Ryu against Static Rook's slow game is not good (under .500 probably) at the moment in professional shogi world.

I hope a good Classic Ishida-ryu Joseki which leads the position against Static Rook is found by professional players.

Take a look at an example below: