Jul 8, 2009

Classic Ishida-Ryu


Let me introduce "Ishida-Ryu" from this entry.

At first, I introduce "Classic Ishida-Ryu". This name is not official, but given by myself.

Classic Ishida-Ryu is one of the Ishida-ryu formation which Bishop is on 9g (Figure 1).
This Ishida-ryu is used since early times.
The formation is well-balanced defence and offence, and therefore beautiful.

However, Classic Ishida-Ryu is not often used in recent years.
The reasons are as follows:

1. Rook Pawn
Static Rook tend to move Rook Pawn to 8e instantly (Figure 2), which makes third file rook move B-7g compulsory.

2. Climbing Gold
There is a overwhelming odds for classic Ishida-Ryu, that is "Boukin" (Climbing Gold. I will introduce this tactics in future entry). If Ishida-Ryu moves Bishop to 9g too early, Static Rook aims Climbing Gold. So Ishida ryu had better keep Bishop on 8h until Static Rook shows his tactics - Climbing Gold or slow game. If Static Rook move right Gold to 5b or 5a that means slow game (such as Bear-in-the-Hole), then you can move Bishop to 9g.

3. Tough Fight against Static Rook's Slow game
Unfortunately, the winning percentage of Classic Ishida-Ryu against Static Rook's slow game is not good (under .500 probably) at the moment in professional shogi world.

I hope a good Classic Ishida-ryu Joseki which leads the position against Static Rook is found by professional players.

Take a look at an example below:


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