Jun 29, 2009

Koyan Style Case 3


Case 3. Against 42Bishop & 53Silver tactics
This is last case of Koyan Style against Static Rook Bear-in-the-Hole.

(Please note that there are another Koyan Style against Static Rook's quick attack and Static Rook with Mino Castle. I will introduce these tactics some day in the future.)

Fig.1 shows a situation that white moves his Bishop from 3c to 4b in order to prevent from fork by Knight.
(Another move to prevent from fork is P-4d, that means Case 2.)

In this case, static rook player tend to move his 2 Golds to 3a and 3b, while black should make own position better.

The keys of this Koyan style are:
  • Aims four general mino castle with 4th file vanguard Pawn.
  • Attacks from 3rd file and edge (Please refer to Figure 2). Central attack might not work well due to defence by 64Silver.

Take a look at an example below:


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