Oct 12, 2009

Ryuo-sen final tournament Jun. 2007


Makoto Tobe (4dan at that time, 5dan now), black, selected Ishida-ryu + Mino castle, while Yuusuke Ina (5dan at that time, 6dan now) aimed Ginkanmuri (Silver Crown).
Black initiated a attack early.

You can see a lot of kifus on the Ryuo-sen's website.

Oct 3, 2009

Amateur Meijin-sen Tournament Final Sep. 14, 2009


Amateur Meijin-sen Tournament Final was held on Sep. 14, 2009.
Yamazaki (White) selected Ishida-ryu opening.
He showed beautiful "Sabaki" (disposing of pieces) of major pieces (rook and bishop), and eventually he won the game.