Jun 12, 2009

Koyan Style Case 1


Koyan Style is a series of countermeasures against Static Rook Bear-in-the-Hole tactics.
The common aim of all Koyan Style forms is, not to allow Static Rook to castle Four generals Bear-in-the-Hole, unlike Manabe Style.

The style name is derived from a nickname for Isao Nakata (7 dan), who is a professional shogi player using the style uniquely in current professional Shogi world.

Case 1. Against 33bishop + 64silver tactics
The keys are:
  • Right knight is on 37.
  • Pawn in 4th file is not on 45, but 46.
  • Aims counterattack by using right knight
White obviously aims quick attack by using right silver.
Black's central attack doesn't work on Figure 1 due to the deffence by right silver on 64.
(On the other hand, the central attack of Manabe Style can work because white's right silver is on 33. Please take a look at "Manabe Style" for comparison).

Instead, as soon as white starts attack, black counterattacks immediately.

Take a look at an example below:


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